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Cannabis is so helpful for millions of people each year. It’s the diverse nature of this powerful plant that enables people to use weed for a variety of ailments and recreational uses. Find out how people can properly dose edibles and what cannabis products can provide benefits.

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Briefly, cannabis contains over 100 compounds called cannabinoids. The most common and important cannabinoids are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). These compounds are well known for providing most of the benefits associated with weed. Products on the market today will have varying amounts of, THC and CBD, specifically created to address certain ailments. Here’s what you should know about THC and CBD.


  • THC - creates the psychoactive effect often referred to as a “high”. This is because THC binds with receptors, mostly found in the brain, that control pain, mood, and other feelings.
  • CBD - Is only found in the hemp plant, and will give consumers a “high” but still has the ability to provide relief for anxiety, depression, and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our Pantry Edibles Delivery in Oakland

Our edibles are of the highest quality - free of gluten and animal products. We are committed to providing the best edible cannabis products in California. If you’re located in the Oakland area, products pickup and delivery are available.

Our cannabis-infused edibles are naturally flavored and made with the finest locally sourced sustainable ingredients. We provide an extensive line of 100% gluten-free products. These weed edibles will help with sleep, mood, and anxiety.
Take a look at the most popular edibles at Pantry:

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Cacao Keto Bites

These super chocolatey bites help consumers
soothe the mind, body, and soul. Free from any animal products and 100% guilt-free, these bites aim to please!

Night Bites

Sleep well with Pantry’s exclusive Night Bite edibles. These bites have the perfect mixture of ingredients like Valerian Root, L-theanine, Passionflower, 5 mg CBN, 5 mg THC, and 1.5 mg Melatonin. Will help all consumers get a full night’s sleep and feel rested the next morning.

Passionfruit Guava Jellies

Feel like you are on vacation in your mind with these passionfruit and guava jellies! These yummy gummies will elevate your mood and make you feel great day or night!

The best edibles...

Pantry’s superfood bites are so versatile and delicious. Whether I need a sweet treat or toppings on my yogurt, the cacao keto bites are easily my favorite flavor.

- Shabby S.

My healthy choice

I love these, and their ingredients. The dark chocolate is so good. I could eat a whole jar! lol...

- Ana Z.

Daily necessity for me

Perfect for my morning coffee. I literally drop one in my cup. It's great because it keeps me chill throughout the day.

- Ashton R.

I've been raving...

The dosing is just perfect. Most edibles knock me out, which I don't like. These put me in a good state.

- Leigh N.

Low doses are the best

In my opinion, you need a low dose to get the most out of cannabis. If you're trying to stay balanced, you don't need the intense high. These are perfect for keeping you calm and relaxed.

- Rachael V.

Try melting them

You should try melting these on your favorite foods. I love melting these on cookies, brownies and even in hot drinks. I can't wait to drizzle some on my ice cream.

- Aimee H.

Works like a charm

I love to take one and get lost in a book. It's so much fun and it's not too much of a high compared to other edibles. I take two if I'm watching a movie....perfect!

- Holly C.

I love Pantry!

These edibles are so cute. I love the packaging and the entire brand they portray. These are perfect for gifting and they're super cute if you bring them to a dinner party or something...

- Elan K.

Tips for Getting Your Edible Dosage Right

A lot of consumers who dose edibles can feel the adverse effects of THC. This is because people can inadvertently consume too much THC and feel an altered sense of time, changes in mood, and impaired body movement. In order to eliminate these negative side effects, medical professionals recommend a couple of tips:

  1. Only consume products that have the exact dose of THC on the packaging. This will help gauge how much you are able to consume without guessing the actual amount (this apply to unregulated or homemade products)
  2. Take it slow. We recommend that you wait 30-45 minutes before taking a second dose. This will allow your body to absorb slowly, preventing you from getting too high.

How Much Experience Do You Have Consuming Weed?

Did you know that your age, weight, and food intake can affect how THC reacts in your body? It does! Experts know that if you are new to consuming edibles, you will probably feel the effects sooner and with less of a dose. Novice users should take a look at this handy dosage calculator here:

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