Indulge in functional cannabis foods

Made from healthy, guilt-free ingredients. Mindfully made for a better you.

Superfood bites

Take control of your days & nights with our deliciously-infused superfood bites. Infused with ancient herbs, mushrooms & adaptogens. Vegan & Keto-friendly.

Real fruit jellies

Masterfully crafted and infused to perfection. Bursting with natural flavor in each bite. Vegan & Gluten-free. 100% Guilt-free.

Pantry essentials

Experiences our chefs' exclusive line-up of signature series extra virgin olive oils. Made for exploring the endless possibilities. Cook with the best and elevate your guests.


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Learn more about Pantry's push for plant medicine

At Pantry, we want to help you live better – now. We see food as medicine, and we're here to share the power of healing through plants, mushrooms and ancient superfoods & adaptogens. Everyday, the Pantry Family pushes for cannabis education, health and wellness.

Get to know our CMO

Pantry's Dr. Debra Kimless is courageously connecting the dots.

Motivated by her mother who, at the end of her life, suffered with intractable pain and responded paradoxically to opiates, Dr. Kimless traveled the world to learn if medical cannabis could have been a treatment option.

Our chef knows best

Plant-based Chef Michael Magliano leads the charge in Pantry's kitchen.

Chef Mags' formidable culinary background and passion for plant-based cooking is the reason why Pantry tastes so good – and feels even better.

Discover your perfect dose

How much cannabis should I take?

With cannabis consumption, everyone is different. Understanding your perfect dosage depends on several factors including tolerance, diet, metabolism, sex, weight, or one’s motivation for use. Try our custom dosage calculator to find your sweet spot.

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