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Meet our Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Debra Kimless, M.D.

She's boldly bridging the intersection between nutrition and cannabis – and she's here to listen to you. Ask Dr. Deb a question:

Dr. Debra Kimless is the Chief Medical Officer for Pantry. She has spent the past three years to immersing herself in all aspects of medical cannabis, including scientific and medical applications for the treatment of patients. She has traveled the world studying under the most respected experts in cannabis medicine and science, most notably, in both the Netherlands and in Israel, two countries regarded as best practice models in the use of medical cannabis.

Kimless is widely regarded by her peers as one of the most experienced physicians specializing in the endocannabinoid system (“ECS”), micro dose, topical therapies, and how medical cannabis can be beneficial to help treat medical conditions as well as reduce or replace opioids for pain relief. She is frequently invited to speak at industry leading conferences and symposiums regarding the use of medical cannabis, and shares her knowledge by consulting with patients in legal states pro bono, to introduce cannabis as a medicinal option. She has first-hand experience in successfully aiding patients with various medical conditions. She helps patients tailor their treatment plans by using different methods of administration and cannabinoid ratios, which influence patient response.

Motivated by her mother who, at the end of her life, suffered with intractable pain and responded paradoxically to opiates, Dr. Kimless traveled the world to learn if medical cannabis could have been a treatment option. She studied under the most respected experts in cannabis medicine and research and has become a passionate champion for medical cannabis.