Our Organic Roots

Pantry’s Head Chef Michael "Mags" Magliano has meticulously sourced the highest quality ingredients for all of Pantry’s products, and our extra virgin olive oil is no exception. We’ve partnered with family-run, local farms and businesses right here in California to craft the finest cannabis-infused oils.

At every stop along the production, from olive to oil to bottling, we’ve kept your health and wellness in mind. You can rest assured that what you’re putting into your body is authentic extra virgin olive oil made from 100% California-grown organic olives, with absolutely no added fillers or artificial preservatives. This cold-pressed superfood will bring delight to any meal you create at home and with friends.

The Koroneiki Olive

Pantry has chosen a traditionally greek varietal of olive, the koroneiki olive, that has been grown for over 3,000 years in Greece. Fortunately, there is no  need to rely on Greece, Spain or other countries for our supply though, since this olive type also loves the climate and soil right here in California! We are happy to report that means we can provide quality olive oil in an eco-friendly way, without the expensive overseas shipping and transport of our olive oil.

Koroneiki olives are best known for their very high levels of  polyphenols, the chemical substances found in plants that may reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Sometimes called the "king of olives," this little superfood is also renowned for its unusually high yield of oil (often up to a third of the olives' weight is oil), and for its true, olive-y flavor.

Once pressed, this medium intensity olive oil has hints of green banana and floral notes, with a peppery finish . This olive oil can truly enhance the flavor of any dish, and is perfect for vinaigrette’s, marinades or just dipping your favorite bread in to.

Brown cloth sack containing freshly picked koroneiki olives that are green and purple in color

The Organic Roots Farm

The Polit Family started their small, family owned and operated farm in 1983, on the fertile land of Colusa and Glenn County. After over 30 years of love and dedication, they now grow and press many varietals of certified organic olives and olive oils.  Fresh from the groves, to their brand new, Alfa Laval olive mill; they are able to control every aspect of the process to achieve the highest quality organic EVOO.
They pride themselves on being a local olive oil shop, and Pantry could not be happier to partner with them.

Harvesting and Pressing

While the exact harvest day changes depending upon the olive maturity on the trees, harvesting olives typically occurs in mid-October. By using a mechanized harvester, the Polit’s ensure that no olive fruit comes in contact with human hands or the ground as they are transported from tree to mill. This is important because the added element of soil or other contaminants that can adversely affect whether or not your oil is extra virgin quality or defective.

In order to provide the freshest flavor and maximum preservation of the olives superfood benefits, we don’t want the olives to sit any longer than they have to. The orchards are located only 15 minutes up the road from the Alfa Loval mill, allowing for the pressing of olives shortly after they’ve come off the tree.

After a refreshing H20 shower, the olives are crushed (pit and flesh together), before going through the oil extraction process. Once separated, the cold-pressed olive oil can be sent to stainless steel tanks for ‘racking’, while the by-products are sent back out to the farm as fertilizer. You heard that right— there is little to no waste in the process! Again, this process of cold-pressing (without using heat) is crucial to preserving the olives superfood benefits.

After about 6 weeks of racking, a process that allows the sediment to settle, the organic oil is ready for cannabis-infusion.

Graphic showing olive oil production from crushing to separation to racking to bottling

Cannabis Infusion, Bottling and Testing

The organic extra virgin olive oil is then sent to our Pantry kitchen in Southern California that specializes in production of legal, cannabis-infused foods.

We utilize premium, high-purity cannabis distillate and CBD isolate in order to provide an edible dosed with precision while maintaining the best possible taste. The olive oil is then bottled in light-proof tin bottles that to prevent light and heat damage that can degrade the quality of the oil, ensuring you receive the freshest product possible.

All craft batches of Pantry olive oil are submitted to third party laboratory testing at multiple labs. It is only after the products have been verified to have the correct THC and CBD content that they are then released to the consumers.

We are meticulous about our work because we are passionate about our products and your health. It is our desire to produce authentic products with integrity and pharmaceutical precision that ultimately benefit the health and lives of our consumers and providers. 

From our families to yours, please enjoy our delicious THC-infused olive oil, or our 1:1 olive oil with THC and CBD.
Two Pantry Olive Oil Bottles with their nite bite and good day bite products in the backgorund

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