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Cannabis has recently taken the center stage of public health debates due to it’s incredible healing benefits, it’s extremely high level of safety, and it’s relatively small side-effects.


This medicinal plant has been grown and used throughout human history, and it has roots dating as far back as 3,000 B.C in ancient China and Korea. The hemp and cannabis plants have been used for clothing, shelter, and medicinal purposes.


In the past few years, researchers have begun to discover just how amazing this unassuming plant actually is. Currently it is commonly used to treat conditions as severe as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic pain, as well as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and so much more.


It is our goal at the Pantry Food Company to help provide easy access to this miracle plant through easy to consume weed-infused edibles. How can our products help change your life?

What Is Weed?

Weed, also known as cannabis or marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug that is comprised of over 100 different cannabinoids. The two main components of it are THC and CBD.


THC is the psychoactive agent that causes the feelings of joy, intense relaxation, and euphoria that many people experience and associate with marijuana.


CBD, on the other hand, does not cause those giddy feelings and does not inhibit judgement in any way. Instead, it is the primary ingredient that is responsible for the majority of health beneifts that are associated with cannabis.

Why Choose Weed-Infused Edibles?

Many people seek the health beneifts and euphoric feeling that weed can provide but they don’t like the smell or negative effects of smoking that are typically associated with it. Our weed-infused edibles offer a delicious and healthy solution to that problem.


Made only with the finest, naturally sourced ingredients, our products are designed to help you get all of the benefits or CBD and/or THC without the downsides.


In addition to the other benefits that ingesting cannabis provides, it can also giving you a longer-lasting and more stable “high” and benefits than smoking weed does. This is due to the way that weed-infused edibles are absorbed by your system.


By having the edibles pass through your digestive tract instead of your lungs, you are able to get more of the product in the same way that your body extracts nutrients from food.

Choose Pantry’s Weed Delivery in Ojai

Getting a weed delivery in Ojai from us is the simplest, easiest, and safest way to get your weed-infused edibles. Place your order with a click, choose the time and date that works for you, and then just sit back and relax as we deliver your order right to your door.

Safe and Secure Delivery

We employ and follow some of the strictest Covid safety measures in the industry today. We follow all current Covid protocols during the manufacture, packaging, and delivery of your weed-infused edibles.

Saves You Time and Effort

You don’t have to travel hours and wait in mile-long traffic jams to get to your local dispensary, only to then wait in a long, boring line anymore. Leave the traffic to us and schedule a time for your delivery that’s convenient for you!

Our Most Popular Weed-Infused Edible Products

We offer a wide variety of weed-infused products for our customers to choose from based on what kind of experience they are looking for. Some of our most popular products include:


Nite Bites


Having trouble with sleep? So did we. We've taken nature's advice and crafted a simple and effective Nite Bite formula with low doses of cannabis and functional superfoods & adaptogens to help you get the optimal sleep you deserve every night.

Strawberry Lime Jellies

With a delightful 5mg of THC per piece, these jellies provide a euphoric lift with a side of relief that will keep you in a flow state for the rest of the day (or night).

Chef Matt’s Signature EVOO


Pantry’s locally-sourced extra virgin olive oil is organically grown and harvested here under the California sun. Maintaining the highest standards, our olive oil is a perfect base for salad dressings, for adding the finishing touches to pasta, a glazed finish over roasting vegetables, and infusing your favorite sauces.

Fun and Interesting Pantry Food Recipes

The experience doesn’t have to stop there. Check out some of these delicious recipes by our chefs that you can use your weed-infused edibles in.


Cannabis-infused Chimichurri: An incredible, savory sauce that you can use for your next BBQ or grilling session, this recipe uses our EVOO product to elevate your experience.


Chocolate Ganache Pie: By adding our keto chocolate bites to this decadent dessert, you’ll not only give it a power-packed punch of flavor, but you’ll get the perfect amount of THC in each serving too.

Pantry Cannabis Experiences

If you’re curious about our products, but you aren’t sure about trying them by yourself or what your proper dosage should be, then let us help provide you with an experience that you’ll never forget.


We offer extravagant culinary experiences that will showcase some of the best uses for our weed-induced edibles. Our world-renowned chefs will prepare a health-focused, cannabis-infused meal for you and all of your guests 21 and over to enjoy.


Our experts will teach you about how our revolutionary products can help provide incredible health benefits for the body, mind, and soul.


Reach out to our customer service team today to see how you can book one of our culinary cannabis experiences!

Safely Dosing And Consuming Weed Edibles

The “right” amount is different for everybody. No two people are alike, and no two people have the same exact tolerance level. For example, someone who has been smoking weed for years will be able to tolerate more than someone who has never tried cannabis.

How to Find Your Correct Dose

We can’t guarantee what the exact perfect dose for you will be. It depends on several factors including your height, weight, age, past experiences with cannabis, and more. With some of that information, we can get pretty close to the right amount though.


We recommend using our dosage calculator to determine what the right amount might be for you. When in doubt, always use a smaller dose than what you think your optimal amount might be. You can always have more if it’s not enough.

How to Have the Best Experience?

Whether it’s your first time with cannabis or your one-hundredth, there are some basic things to keep in mind that will help you have the best experience possible.


  • Start with a small dose: If you have never had a weed-infused edible before, then you can’t be sure how it will affect you. Always start with a smaller amount than you think you need, and don’t rush to take more. Our products take time to take effect.
  • Be patient: If you’re used to smoking weed, or you have never tried it before, then you may expect to start feeling the results immediately. That’s not the case with weed-infused edibles. It takes time for your digestive tract to process the edibles, so it takes longer to get into your system. Wait at least two hours before taking any more than your initial dose.
  • Stay in a calm, comfortable environment: Some of our products contain THC, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gives you that “high” feeling. To have the best experience, you should be in a quiet, calm room where you can relax. It may help to have someone with you that you can trust for your first experience as well.

What Our Customers Say About Our Infused Edibles

“This is a tasty piece of chocolate. Great post-workout edible choice. Feeling blissed out on the couch.” -Luca Belloiu, Writer. Marathon Runner. Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt.


“I feel relaxed, embodied, and no obvious side effects. The chocolate was delicious with a salty, buttery finish!” - Tiffany Van Goey, Hairstylist


“These delicious little ‘Cacao Keto Bites’, which I’ve been calling Cocoa Nibs (almost entirely certainly incorrectly) because they taste like semi-sweet chocolate flowers, are DELICIOUS.” -Jon Capetta, High Times Magazines

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