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Have you ever used cannabis? Either in a lotion, oil, and/or vape form? Well, if you have you would be one of the millions of people who benefit from cannabis use each year! This powerful plant has the possibility to help consumers with a variety of ailments ranging from anxiety, nausea, insomnia, etc.. with little to no permanent side effects. That is a win-win for so many users. Let’s discuss information about pot, available weed edibles, and dosing recommendations.

Cannabis is often referred to by common names like pot, marijuana, reefer, or weed, using these names interchangeably to refer to the cannabis plant and associated products. What consumers should know are the important compounds found in weed, specifically referred to as CBD and THC. Products on the market today will have varying amounts of, THC and CBD, in order to specifically address certain ailments. Here’s what you should know about THC and CBD.

  • THC - creates the psychoactive effect often referred to as a “high”. THC binds with receptors, mostly found in the brain -- that control pain, mood, and other feelings (NCBI).
  • CBD- Found in the hemp plant, this common compound will not give consumers a “high” and has the ability to provide relief for anxiety, depression, and possibly post-traumatic stress disorder (Nature).

Pantry’s edible offerings!

Our edibles are of the highest quality - free of gluten, handcrafted and vegan. Enjoy these beneficial gummies!

Night Bites - Sleep well with Pantry’s exclusive Night Bite edibles. These bites have the perfect mixture of ingredients like Valerian Root, L-theanine, Passionflower, 5 mg CBN, 5 mg THC, and 1.5 mg Melatonin. Will help all consumers get a full night’s sleep and feel rested the next morning. Strawberry Lime, Fruit Gummies - Get your sweet and fruity fix with these tasty edibles. Free from, gluten, dairy, artificial sweeteners, and added flavorings, these gummies pack a powerful punch that everyone will enjoy.

Passionfruit Guava Jellies - Feel like you are on vacation with these passionfruit and guava jellies! These yummy gummies melt in your mouth and provide a powerful amount of THC perfect for the day or night.

Safely Consume Infused Weed Edibles

Consuming edibles can come with some side effects. In order to eliminate these reactions take into account these helpful tips when dosing edibles.


Dosing properly:

People who consume too much THC can feel adverse effects like an altered sense of time, changes in mood, and impaired body movement. In order to eliminate these negative side effects, medical professionals recommend a couple of tips:

  1. Only consume products that have the exact dose of THC on the packaging. This will help gauge how much you are able to consume without guessing the actual amount (this apply to unregulated or homemade products)
  2. Wait 30-45 minutes before taking a second dose. This will allow your body to absorb the THC properly.

How much experience do you have consuming THC? If you are a novice THC consumer, you will probably feel the effects sooner and with less of a dose. Experts recommend cannabis beginners should take into account several factors like their age, weight, and food consumption (specifically on that day), before choosing and consuming products with any amount of THC. Take a look at this handy dosage calculator here.

Pantry Testimonials:

This is a tasty piece of chocolate. Great post workout edible choice. Feeling blissed out on the couch. - LUCA BELLOIU

Basking in the sun like a lizard on a hot rock. Super chill vibes wrapped in a tiny cacao star. I could eat these all day to maintain a positive attitude. - THOMAS SALTINO

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