Hosting a Cannabis-Friendly Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is the long-established kickoff to summer fun. This long weekend is a time to share with our families, friends, and communities to celebrate the good things in life. Good fun needs excellent food, and our favorite plant is a wonderful addition to any Memorial Day BBQ.

Cannabis edibles have been said to lift our mood, fight inflammation, ease pain and stress, and even make us a little silly on the big BBQ day. Read on to see 5 quick and easy ways to incorporate cannabis into your Memorial Day this year.

Pantry’s Cannabis Edibles for a Memorial Day BBQ

Our Pantry Signature Series Olive Oils are made from 100% organic olives grown right here in California. By topping your favorite Memorial Day dish with a few tablespoons of olive oil you add not only the benefits of cannabis, but additionally the superfood benefits of consuming REAL evoo. Choose from Chef Matt’s THC-infused EVOO for added fun and flavor, or Chef Mag’s 1:1 Balanced EVOO for an added layer of CBD infusion.

Need some inspiration for how to cook with cannabis? We’ve got you covered with our recipe guide below.

Cannabis-Infused Memorial Day Recipe Guide

We know navigating holiday tables can be tough for those with dietary restrictions and the general food-conscious population. Our Pantry Chefs put their heads together this year to come up with quick and easy solutions for various courses and common dietary needs.

  • A vegan protein option for grilling
  • A vegan, keto-friendly dip spiked with nutritional yeast
  • A quick and easy appetizer
  • A fresh-herb condiment that can be used to complement both vegetable and meat dishes
  • A gluten-free (and vegan) side dish with an extra dose of antioxidants

Check out the blog posts below for recipes, how-to videos and nutritional highlights for each dish.

Vegan Grilled Shawarma

Vegan Artichoke Dip

Marinated Goat Cheese Appetizer

Cannabis-Infused Chimichurri Sauce

Gluten-Free Couscous Side Dish