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Two cups of cannabis-infused golden milk tea on top of a wooden circular board

The Functional Ingredients Inside Pantry's Good Day Bite

We often relate our physique to the food we eat, but...
by Pantry Food Co.
Two coffee cups with a weed leaf inside sitting on top of a wooden, hippie-style table that says peace love and coffee to make weed coffee

Weed Coffee: Here's Why You Need It

Have you ever put weed in your coffee? The right...
by Pantry Food Co.
Cannabis flower next to a stack of edibles cookies

This is Why Ingesting Cannabis is Better Than Smoking

If you talk to a cannabis consumer about their experiences,...
by Pantry Food Co.
Cannabis Microdosing

Microdosing Cannabis Edibles

Microdosing cannabis limits your cannabis consumption, saves money on product, and reduces your THC-induced paranoia. Microdosing edibles allows you the same benefits - plus a few more. Read here to learn more!
by Pantry Food Co.
Cannabis Valentines Day

5 Creative Ways to Use Cannabis on Valentine's Day (Without Smoking!)

Thinking about incorporating cannabis into your Valentine's Day? We've got a few ideas to share!
by Scott Jennings
Cannabis Anxiety

Cannabis and Anxiety: Everything You Need to Know

What’s the deal with cannabis and anxiety? Some people say cannabis is amazing at reducing their anxiety, while some report it makes their anxiety worse. Those in the relaxation-camp claim consuming cannabis reduces their stress, relaxes their mind and body, and just generally makes them feel well. Let's dive into this topic to learn more about both sides.
by Scott Jennings