5 Creative Ways to Use Cannabis on Valentine's Day (Without Smoking!)

Let’s talk about love! We’re also going to be talking about cannabis, but we do that a lot here, so. That doesn’t need an introduction. 

Valentine’s Day and cannabis are the perfect duo 

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect day to indulge in some cannabis-goodness with your sweetheart, and make it part of the day! There’s a few different ways to implement cannabis into your celebration, and hint: it’s not just sharing a joint. 

Using cannabis on Valentine's Day, cannabis leaf in cup of tea surrounding by greenery and cannabis

Cannabis sales tend to explode on Valentine’s Day

Data has consistently shown that cannabis sales skyrocket on Valentine’s Day, and especially considering everyone’s state of mind entering 2021 (do we really need to elaborate?), we’re sure this year will be no exception. A Flowhub report from 2019 showed Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon’s combined Valentine’s Day weed sales were a whopping $3.15 million, an increase from 2018 and 2017; where sales reached $3.05 million and $2.38 million, respectively. 

Data shows that sex (like biological sex) may affect Valentine’s Day cannabis purchases 

One of the most interesting pieces of data was released by Headset, which found that men reduced their Valentine’s Day spending on cannabis flower, and bought more pre-rolls, topicals, and edibles, while women increased their spending on cannabis flower by 7%! Women also increased their general spending by 4% on Valentine’s Day. This is fascinating, and might signal which sex prefers which kind of cannabis product over the other, and shows who spends more on cannabis every other day of the year - men. Take notes, all: women might prefer edibles, topicals, or pre-rolls over flower - so do with that information what you will. 

Safe to say, cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day are a thing. Here’s a few ways to take part:

1. Cannabis chocolate bon bons

We all know chocolate is a Valentine’s Day staple. These cannabis-infused bon bons, are the chocolate for the occasion. Obviously, they have cannabis, which already makes them better than your average Valentine’s Day chocolate. But, these delicately crunchy bon bons are made with Gianduja chocolate, which is an Italian hazelnut chocolate. They’re pretty decadent, and perfect for your Valentine. 

A tip from us: Buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and either eat the chocolates or find another use for them. Use the box and throw these bon bons in their place! The little details matter, and this is an inexpensive way to throw some thought & effort into it. Amazon also carries this empty heart-shaped container for just $10 before shipping if you don’t want to waste the boxed chocolate! 

Picture of Pantry Food Co's cannabis-infused bon bons

2. Cannabis-infused bath bombs

Valentine’s Day encompasses a lot of things, and relaxation is one of them. The day of love forces us to slow down, and enjoy the small moments with our loved ones. Staying in, busting out the bon bons, and soaking in a cannabis-infused bath is a great way to do that. Typically, people use bath bombs if they’re trying to incorporate cannabis into their bath. Cannabis-infused bath bombs with more than 0.3% THC, may not be available everywhere, but hemp-derived CBD bath bombs can usually be found anywhere within the US! 

Cannabis-infused bath bombs are fabulous, whether they have THC or not. We all know that the green plant has a myriad of benefits, and incorporating it into your bath can transform just a regular bath into a meaningful therapeutic experience. Research supports the use of cannabis to reduce achy and sore muscles, and using a bath bomb is a great way to consistently apply cannabis without smoking or ingesting it! Some people claim that cannabis-infused bath bombs get you high, and while that isn’t conclusive - they do tend to chill you out a bit. And, make for a perfect Valentine’s Day experience. 

3. Hire a private, cannabis-infused chef to cook a Valentine’s Day meal 

Pantry Foods is not just an edibles brand! Our products are formulated by world renowned chefs, and we extend our love of the culinary arts to you through unique catering experiences. Health is our focus, and so our meals are always made with premium ingredients. They are low sugar, and always the best in class! Treat your partner to a unique, low-stress, cannabis-infused experience on Valentine’s Day. 

We can’t make any guarantees about availability, so don’t make a Valentine’s Day promise you can’t keep. Contact us for more information about booking a catering event. 

Private dinner cannabis infused chef, two people sitting on the couch smiling and enjoying food together

4. Cannabis-infused massages

Who doesn’t love a good massage, especially with your love? Massages aren’t just a form of intimacy, they also have amazing benefits. According to The Mayo Clinic, the benefits regular massage can include: 

  • Improved immune function 
  • Lowered blood pressure 
  • Improved circulation 

Throw in a cannabis-infused massage oil, and those benefits are multiplied. There are endocannabinoid receptors on our skin that receive the cannabinoids in the massage oil, and maximize the massage’s effects! Cannabis-infused topicals are one of the most popular ways to administer cannabis, and like the Headset data reported - women love them!

5. Baking an infused dessert 

Baking is fun - under the right circumstances. It is so easy to get stressed out in the kitchen, there’s a million things happening, and add another human being into the mix - your baking sesh can get a little heated (pun intended). 

One way to avoid this is to plan it in advance. You don’t need much time beforehand, but planning the steps it takes to reach your goal can help you avoid mishaps - especially when you’re making an infused baked good! 

If you really want to exert minimal effort: grab some of our keto bites and throw them on top of cupcakes. The keto bites are low sugar, vegan, and gluten-free, so they’d pair well with these paleo chocolate cake bars ! This is a paleo recipe, not vegan, so just use the vegan alternatives if you need to, the recipe should work just as well. Either infuse the butter in the cupcake recipe as well, or keep it low-key with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD in our keto bites. They’re crafted with delicious cocoa butter and cacao powder, so they’ll pair well with a variety of cupcake flavors. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Pantry Foods! 


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