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Weed edibles are so powerful. In fact, research shows these tasty bites can provide relief to people who are suffering from anxiety, pain, and even nausea. Why do they provide so many benefits? Well, you can thank the substances THC and CBD. In this article, we will discuss the proper way consumers can consume these edibles, making sure they have a safe and efficient experience without the negative side effects.

Weed or cannabis edibles contain the substances THC and CBD. These substances are one of the 100+ beneficial substances, that create the positive effects that consumers associate with cannabis. This is because:

  • THC produces psychotropic effects, also known as a “high”. Allowing your brain to release dopamine and providing an altered state of consciousness.
  • CBD provides relief for consumers without the “high”. Briefly, CBD provides benefits by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity. Naturally eliminating, pain, anxiety, etc.

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Consuming an infused edible

Consumers of all experience levels should consider these below steps when consuming products that contain cannabis and/or THC. This will ensure a safe and effective experience for everyone!

Stay attentive and patient:

Not everyone digests and absorbs THC at the same rate. We recommend, taking small amounts and waiting around 30-45 minutes between doses, to see how your body absorbs the THC. Research shows, over-consuming edibles can produce, euphoria, altered states of mind and sense of time, difficulty concentrating, impaired short-term memory and uncontrollable body movements.

Take into account your experience level:

People who are more experienced with edibles are more educated about how their bodies will react to THC. Because of this, researchers recommend, novice consumers should factor in age, weight, and food consumption (specifically on that day), before choosing and consuming products with any amount of THC. Take a look at this handy dosage calculator here.

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Recommended Dosage for Weed Products

Using cannabis for the first time can be difficult to know which experience level you might fall into. Do you have some basic knowledge of THC and CBD but not enough for a recommendation? It's recommended that you have a more experienced user who is willing to share how he/she uses the product or give advice on dosage amounts.

THC and CBD can have a significant impact on your mental health. As such, it's important for you to consider the level of experience with THC or CBD that suits you best. Whether you’re a novice-level user, intermediate, or regular consumer, we comprise some clear guidelines for you to determine which experience level you might be:


  • Novice: This is a person who has never used cannabis before. We recommend that they start out with 1-5 mg of THC and work their way up from there, as needed or desired by the individual! A microdose would be considered having 3mg in it, but low doses can have upwards of 10mgs.
  • Intermediate: This consumer is an experienced cannabis user. They typically consume it every month and we recommend between 5-15mg of THC for them as they are familiar with the cannabis effects.
  • Experienced: You can be considered an experienced user of cannabis if you consume it on a daily/weekly basis, and your body is accustomed to varying amounts of THC. 15+ mg per dosage is recommended for experienced users.


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