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Elevate + Uplift

Vegan · Gluten-Free · Sativa-Enhanced · Real Fruit

Soft, melt in your mouth goodness. Pantry Fruit Jellies are always made with real fruit and responsibly sourced, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, without the use of colorings or 'flavorings'. With 5mg of THC per piece, jellies provide a euphoric lift with a side of relief that will keep you in a flow state for the rest of the day (or night).


Keep energy high, relax your mind, and elevate the day (or night).

"Pantry's infused foods aren't your everyday edible, they're healthier products
with a higher purpose..."


Writer - A Proper High

What Are Jellies?

Pantry’s pâte de fruit jellies are a french-inspired treat traditionally made with fresh, seasonal fruits. Flavors from the fruit are concentrated into a jam and then set into a gummy-form creating a fresh, juicy flavor burst encased in delicate sugar coating.

Package Contents / Qty
20 pieces (100mg THC, 100mg CBD)

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Piece



Total Fat


Saturated Fat




Total Carbs


Total Sugars





Fruit puree and concentrate, water, granulated sugar, pectin, agar agar, trimoline, citric acid, potassium sorbate, cannabis extract

Real Fruit

Pantry’s jellies are always made with real fruit as the star ingredient. Fruit purees may be mashed, pressed, blended and sieved into a creamy paste or liquid. Our fruit concentrates may then have water removed for a stronger flavor burst.


A naturally occuring starch found in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables.These natural fibers gel fruit jams without the use of gelatin or other animal products.

Agar Agar

A plant-based gelatin substitute that is extracted from seaweed (red algae). This flavorless, color-less base contains fibers that will thicken fruit jellies for great texture.


The psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THC can provide euphoria, increased focus and creativity, along with mild relief of pain, stress, anxiety and other symptoms.

Not sure how much to take?

We recommend first users start with half of a jelly (2.5 mg) to see how this substance affects them before consuming a larger quantity. May impair coordination and perception in higher quantities.