Redefining 4/20: Looking Towards a Healthy Cannabis Experience

Looking at 4/20 With a New Lens

We remember the days when consuming cannabis was considered counterculture, but as more and more states begin to legalize, it becomes less about 'getting high' and more about wellness.

All along, cannabis consumers have known the plant to be something special. We’re abandoning the former weed culture in pursuit of a wellness-based mindset, and the rest of the industry isn’t far behind us, so let’s highlight some new ways to think about cannabis this 4/20:

Humans have consumed cannabis for thousands of years

We aren’t the first human beings to discover cannabis, though watching the glorious and fast-moving birth of an industry after decades of strict prohibition is more than exciting! 

Humans have been consuming cannabis for thousands of years. It has even been found buried in Egyptian tombs. We didn’t invent cannabis or even the commercialization of it, it’s a plant and it was given to us for meaningful consumption. 

With the rise of new technology and science, cannabis is safer than ever before because of how much we know about it. We are learning more and more about how different cultivars affect different people, how terpenes work with cannabinoids, and the wonders of microdosing.

This way, we can consume cannabis in the most compatible way with our bodies. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system was one of the most monumental moments in cannabis-science history, and one that would forever change the trajectory of the industry! 

Innovation in the Cannabis Industry leads to more reliable products

Innovative cannatech leads to precise dosing

The cannabis industry is on top of innovative technology. Dispensaries, cultivation operations, and ancillary businesses alike all utilize top-of-the-line technology to keep their business up and running. 

A major perk of awesome tech? Accurate dosing. Thanks to licensed manufacturing facilities, you know exactly how much you’re consuming each time! 

We’ve all been in that scenario where we smoke a little too much, or maybe a friend does, and they begin to freak out. This is because of THC, not cannabis itself. When you’re smoking, and especially smoking casually to have fun with friends, you aren’t keeping great track of how much you’re consuming. Even if you smoke a one gram joint, it’s hard to determine how much you’ve actually consumed if you don’t smoke the whole thing by yourself. This can make THC hit hard out of nowhere and cause you to feel anxiety. 

Thanks to precise dosing, that problem is long gone! Pantry’s edibles are manufactured in a commercial kitchen, required to maintain all relevant food handling laws - plus more, thanks to cannabis’ strict regulations! 

Our edibles, and every other legally produced edible in America, is made in a certified manufacturing facility. Only approved facilities are able to manufacture cannabis products, and they have strict requirements to ensure accurate dosing each and every time. 

Don’t know how much to consume? No worries. That’s why we made this cannabis dosing calculator for you! It’ll ask questions like:

  • Your age
  • Sex
  • Approximate weight
  • How often you’ve consumed cannabis
  • And the desired effect you’re seeking 

Remember, this is just an approximation based on the science we have available to us. Take our recommendation and try the dose out, but if it doesn’t work for you - adjust as needed! Listen to your body and respond to what it's telling you to do. 

Cannabis Chef Michael Magliano infuses meals with Pantry EVOO

Olive oil can be infused with cannabis for increased health benefits

Cannabis has an awesome relationship with fatty acids, and we'll explain why.

First, let's explain endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids naturally produced in the human body, while phytocannabinoids are found in cannabis. Phytocannabinoids are compounds like THC, CBD, and CBN. Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring in the human body thanks to our body’s endocannabinoid system! Scientists have actually discovered a pathway for endocannabinoids to be produced through omega-6 AND omega-3 fatty acids, which makes the collaboration between olive oil and cannabis really exciting

Olive oil is naturally jam-packed with these crucial fatty acids, which is why the two make a perfect pair and exactly why Pantry carries an infused olive oil! 

Fatty acids are an essential part of our daily nutrient intake and have been shown to reduce inflammation, promote a healthy brain, and encourage heart health. Of course, cannabinoids have been thought to do the same thing. 

Like we mentioned above, manufactured cannabis products like our olive oil have a consistent dose each and every time, so you know exactly how much you’re getting if you’re accurately measuring! 

Plus, it’s easy to incorporate in your daily routine - especially if you cook a lot! Check out this paleo lemon olive oil loaf we made with it and let us know if you try it.

Cannabis Chef prepares a meal

Food is community. Cannabis is, too. 

A modern 4/20 looks like community. From a safe distance, of course! Grab your small friend group and host an infused 4/20 dinner starring our olive oil. Have you ever eaten olive oil raw? It’s a great way to retain the jam-packed nutrients inside! Try it on this vegan beet and butternut squash salad recipe for a nutrient-dense, light meal. Maybe even make it a 4/20 lunch. 

We think education comes alongside shifting our view on cannabis, so spend some time watching documentaries like The Union: The Business Behind Getting High with your friend group. It’s a 2007 Canadian documentary starring Joe Rogan, Lester Grinspoon, Tommy Chong, Norm Stamper, and Chris Bennett. The film explores the illegal cannabis market, it was a lot more restrictive in 2007, and interviews a variety of prominent figures like doctors, politicians, police officers, and cannabis cultivators to explain the illegal market’s rapid growth. 

If lighthearted content is what you need, and we absolutely don’t blame you, check out Bong Appétit on Netflix. It’s a cooking competition for chefs to create incredible infused-meals. If you’re feeling brave, please copy one of their meals using our olive oil and show us on Instagram using the hashtag #showusyourevoo. We’d be so excited to see. 

From all of us at Pantry Foods, we wish you a well 4/20!

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