Health Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom

As time continues to pass and we collectively continue to learn about the world around us, we are starting to come back to our roots of seeking healing and remedies from nature. In these discoveries, we have found different types of fungi to be particularly beneficial to our health.

Lion's Mane Mushroom growing on a tree in a forest during fall

What is Lion's Mane Mushroom?

Lion's Mane mushroom is considered a nootropic mushroom. It is also known as a genius mushroom, due to its ability to improve your memory and other cognitive functions. Lion's Mane mushrooms are also known to prevent dementia because of the unique compounds in this fungus that promote the growth of brain cells.

Functional mushrooms are mushrooms that have more to offer your body than just the nutritional value from consumption. For example, Lion's Mane mushrooms are considered functional mushrooms because they can regulate blood sugar, making it easier for people with diabetes to manage their symptoms.

When looking for these mushrooms, you can tell them apart from other mushrooms because they are the only ones that look like a lion's mane sticking out of the ground, which is how they got their name. The Lion's Mane mushroom's scientific name is Hieracium Erinaceus.

A lion with large mane on a sunny day next to a photo of lion's mane mushroom

Most mushrooms, including Lion's Mane mushrooms, are edible and consumed raw, cooked, dried, or steeped in tea. There are many benefits to consuming Lion's Mane mushrooms that can affect your mental and physical health.

Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom

Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushroom: anti-inflammatory, improves brain health, increases energy, improves mood

There are many benefits to adding Lion's Mane mushrooms to your diet. Pantry embraces these functional ingredients, including Lion's Mane, to create a perfect blend of cannabis wellness and performance in the Good Day Bite. Designed to optimize your day with the power of functional plants.


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