Cannabis Delivery San Francisco: Find Your Late Night Dispensary

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Yes, yes, you can. However, if you can’t make it to your local dispensary or just don’t feel like getting off the couch (we get it), there are the best local delivery services to use to get that good smelly green delivered.

Here are some options for getting your dispensary delivery at night in the San Francisco Bay areas.

1. Ganja Goddess - Overnight Cannabis Delivery

Ganja Goddess delivers cannabis overnight throughout most of California. Ganja Goddess is a licensed medical and adult-use cannabis delivery company that curates various cannabis products carefully selected from the best growers, brands, and manufacturers.

When you place an order before 6:00 pm on Monday through Fridays, Ganja Goddess will deliver cannabis to you the next day! You must place your order before the 6:00 om cut-off during these days to get the next day delivered. Limited same-day delivery is also offered in certain parts of the state.

This delivery service discretely packages your cannabis delivery so that it is not apparent what you are getting to others. Ganja Goddess takes measures to eliminate or minimize any cannabis smell that may be emitted by the products we ordered, and there is no exterior branding on the packaging.

The best part? They offer Pantry edibles too! 

2. Urbana - Same-day Cannabis Delivery

Urbana offers a cannabis experience that is simple and approachable. Whether you order online for pick up at one of the cannabis dispensaries or prefer dispensary delivery in San Francisco and Marin, Urbana has you covered with a wide selection curated by our experienced team. Urbana is a cannabis oasis within San Francisco.

We have all been there before… you are sitting at home after a long day, and you just want some weed to appear. Have no fear if you live in the Marin area, delivery for same-day delivery close at 5:00 pm. In San Francisco, delivery orders for same-day delivery close at 6:00 pm. 

Whether you are just down the street needing a pick-up, relaxing in their the cannabis lounge experience, or you just want the weed to come to you… At Urbana, there is pride in building a community within the business. This is a group of cannabis professionals who are here to ensure that your order is exactly what you need it to be and more. They are ready to service the San Francisco and Marin areas with our top-end delivery services.

Urbana treats their entire company and services as taking care of their own family and friends. Therefore, when you place an order for delivery here, you will never be disappointed with the order quality, and the delivery will be correct according to what was placed.

3. - On-demand Cannabis Delivery

On, you can search for cannabis products available within your area. Then, shop for on-demand or scheduled delivery and in-store pickup. This website is a Benefit Corp, partnering with local dispensaries to impact the communities that are served.

Fortunately, recreational cannabis delivery is legal in California, and we partner with local dispensaries to feature. To help with delivering cannabinoids to your front door, they have also partnered with Hemp Shop, an online dispensary that can ship flower, vapes, and edibles with both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC and CBD.

Whether you are in the mood for flowers, edibles, or cannabis accessories, Bud has everything you need to experience cannabis in all of its forms. With convenient online ordering and delivery services, they make cannabis shopping easy, fast, and discreet. Bud is your one-stop-shop for cannabis delivery in San Francisco.

4. Bay Care Delivery

Bay Care Delivery offers customers exclusive access to the best cannabis products in California. The company's “Herb-ologists” are standing by to guide you to the perfect experience. They have proudly served San Francisco and the Peninsula since 2013.  They were one of the first city and state-licensed delivery services in California.

Bay Care Delivery provides its customers with the highest quality cannabis products, hand-selected by the herb-ologists who personally curate the extensive menu. 

When you order through Bay Care Delivery, they carry the goal to provide consumers with the perfect cannabis experience. This includes helping to select the products that are right for you and providing you with the best customer service.

They also have a wide range of cannabis products available for delivery, including flowers, edibles, topicals, concentrates, pre-rolls, tinctures, cannabis vape products and etc. Whether you need cannabis for medicinal or recreational use, Bay Care Delivery has you covered.  Place your cannabis delivery order today and let Bay Care Delivery take care of the rest!

Add Late Night Edibles to Your Cannabis Delivery Order

At Pantry, our edibles are mindfully made with responsibly sourced ingredients that are simple, sustainable, natural, and great tasting. Pantry believes that good food should help you thrive through the innate power of plants, superfoods, and cannabis cooking.

Pantry ensures that its cannabis edibles are both potent and tasty. It’s essential to enjoy the flavor of edibles, not just the effects. So if you enjoy cooking with extra virgin olive oil, eating chocolate, or enjoying fruity jellies, get the best naturally sourced cannabis.

Our vegan keto bite-sized chocolates are made from cocoa butter cacao powder, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar to have less than 1 gram of sugar per bite, and gluten-free-- This way you can enjoy your weed with a late-night treat guilt-free!

Our cannabis-infused edibles are the best options available for your local dispensary delivery in San Francisco. To place an order, visit our shop here. We look forward to helping you experience cannabis in a new way!

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