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Glow Bites Made with Butterfly Pea Tea and CBD

Meet our newest addition to the Pantry family: Glow Bites! The ingredients in these 1:1 THC to CBD peppermint chews promote better skin and hair health, especially with the addition of butterfly pea tea extract.

Butterfly pea tea has gotten more attention thanks to a rise in popular tea trends. Now we’re taking the benefits of this extract to the next level by stacking it alongside the power of CBD. 

What Is Butterfly Pea Tea?

Butterfly pea tea (Clitoria ternatea) is a caffeine-free, herbal tea originating out of Southeast Asia. The petals of the butterfly pea flower were often used in traditional Asian medicine and cuisines. Today, people know it as the color-changing tea.

When different ingredients are added to the tea, the petal’s pH level is changed and causes the tea to change colors. Steeping the petals in hot water turns the liquid into a tremendously rich shade of indigo. Acidic items, like lemon juice, will change it to a deep purple. It also becomes a bright red or pink color by adding hibiscus leaves. Just call it a mood ring in a cup!

Butterfly Pea Flower Skin Benefits

Butterfly pea tea is slowly making its way into the United States and it’s about time. Researchers have begun looking into the benefits of this flower extract and the findings are extremely promising.

So far, studies* show that butterfly pea tea is a great ingredient for skin and hair care, but also for physical and mental well-being. The compounds of the flower are known to help with:

  • Anti-aging
    Butterfly pea tea extract contains potent antioxidants, which protect against free radical damage and aids in anti-aging. It also has high concentrations of proanthocyanidin that help stimulate collagen and elastin production. This can help improve overall skin texture and tone.

  • Promoting hair growth- Another compound discovered in the butterfly pea flower is anthocyanin. This is known to increase blood circulation to the scalp, which strengthens hair follicles and minimizes hair loss. It even contains other bioflavonoids that could help reduce greying hairs.

  • Reducing stress- It’s believed that butterfly pea tea, in high doses, could function as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs used for combating and helping our body adapt to high levels of stress. One study on mice showed the butterfly tea reduced their stress-induced ulcers.

  • Lower blood glucose levels- Although this has only been observed in mice, a 2015 study found the flower extract offered anti-diabetic properties. Researchers noticed a significant reduction in glucose levels over a 12 day period. 

* It’s important to note that all current studies are mainly performed with animals or through regular lab tests. More human studies are needed before drawing major conclusions.

Infographic of butterfly pea tea, pea tea plant and the benefits


Why Is CBD Good For Skin Health?

CBD skincare has made quite an appearance in the cannabis industry. The CBD beauty sector is already estimated to be worth $1.7 billion by 2025. While CBD is mostly found in topicals, remember; beauty starts from the inside, out! 

CBD works internally as much as it does externally. It possesses many of the same characteristics as butterfly pea flower extract, including anti-inflammation and antioxidative properties. Not to mention, CBD is best known for its stress relief benefits and is viewed as a potential treatment for anxiety. 

The Combination of CBD and Butterfly Pea Tea to Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Supporting your physical and mental health with high-quality plants and adaptogens will never stop being a good choice. By working off each other, CBD and butterfly pea tea offer a natural beauty boost from head to toe while helping your mind and body be at peace. 

If you want to boost up your beauty routine, keep your eyes peeled for our Glow Bites! You’ll be left wondering why you didn’t try butterfly pea tea sooner.

Discover the Cannabis and Butterfly Pea Skin Benefits for Yourself

At Pantry Food Co, we have discovered the secrets to curing what ails you. Using natural ingredients and our expert knowledge of butterfly pea plants has made it possible for us to create this unique combination! Take our GLOW BITE as an example; it contains both CBD and flavonoid rich extract from butterfly peas that not many companies can boast about. Explore all these benefits by looking at our collection today. Let us know how much better you are feeling after using them together in one product.